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It’s hard being on the sour end of a breakup. Doesn’t it seem easier when you are the one doing the breaking up? I know there are some relationships that end with a mutual decision, but not all of us are so lucky. When you’re the one who’s being dumped, it’s hard to think that anything good will happen from that point on. Never fear! There is still light at the end of the tunnel! Here are 7 inspiring thoughts for those going through a breakup. Please pass them on if you know someone else who might also benefit from the.

7. Even Though This Relationship Has Ended, It Doesn’t Mean That Life Has

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I imagine you’ll have more encounters in the world of love than just this one. Life can and will go one, whether you want it to or not. Don’t let the best parts of life slip by you. Take a hold of what you have and what you know how to do and go for it. There are so many things that life has to offer and this relationship was only a very small part.

6. You Learned Something from This Experience That Will Make You a Better Person

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This situation might not seem like anything positive could ever come from it, but you’ll find out someday that you did learn from this experience. Who knows, it might take months or even years before that light bulb comes on and you say, “Ah ha!”. A couple of past relationships actually led me to where I am now and also to my husband. If I was still in one of those previous relationships, I wouldn’t be enjoying the wonderful family that I have now.

5. There Were Plenty of Good Times for You to Remember for the Rest of Your Life

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These sweet memories might not seem very pleasant right now. Later on down the road you’ll remember things that happened and smile on them. Even if you are no longer in a relationship with a person, this doesn’t mean you have to hate all the memories you both created together. I can recall plenty of hilarious moments from past relationships that still make me smile.

4. There Are More Fish in the Sea

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Sure, this is very cliché, but it is also very, very true! Keep your eyes open and you’ll notice just how many fish there are out there. You’ll also notice that many of them are looking at you too. Be open to meeting new people. You don’t have to start up a relationship with any of them, but making friends is always nice. Who knows what may become of this friendship later down the road.

3. You Will Have Fewer Limitations Now

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Maybe you liked to go dancing and your partner didn’t. Well, now you can go dancing whenever you want. Maybe your mom was always complaining about your partner’s attitude, habits, attire, etc. Now you won’t have to listen to her gripe every time you talk to her. Maybe your partner never liked any of your friends or they fought all the time. No more bickering at gatherings that was supposed to be fun.

2. Now You Have More Time to do What You Want to do

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Take a trip. Travel to another country. Get a gym membership. Join a quilting club. Do whatever you want. There’s only you in charge now and you don’t have to okay your actions with anyone else. Do something exciting that you’ve always wanted to do.

1. If You Keep Busy, the Ache Will Subside Quicker

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I don’t know how inspirational these words are, but I actually just passed this advice on to my son a couple of weeks ago. He came home from being with a group of friends a couple of days after a breakup with his girlfriend. When he made it home from his night with the guys he told me that my advice had actually worked very well. If you try to occupy yourself with activities and such, you’ll be too busy to try to wallow in sadness.

Breakups are never something people try to plan for when the first begin a relationship. In fact, breaking up is usually the furthest thing from their minds. I hope you can use these 7 inspiring thoughts for those going through a breakup and maybe even boost someone else’s spirits too. What is the best way you’ve dealt with a breakup in the past?

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