7 Inexpensive Ways to Express Your Love for Somebody ...

Love comes in many forms and expressing it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Sure, your best friend, mom, child or a significant other could certainly use an expensive perfume, state of the art gadget or a piece of expensive fashion but don’t let the commercials fool you – your love is not proportional to the amount money you spend on a present! In fact, a personalized, handmade gift says much more. You know why? Because the amount of time you spend trying to put a smile on your loved one’s face is proportional to the love you have for that person. I, therefore, bring you 7 solutions that won’t break your bank and will definitely make your special person feel even more special.

1. “Why I Love You” Scrapbook

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Reminding somebody that you love them is great but specifying why they deserve your love is even better! Let your boyfriend, husband, mom or child know you appreciate all those little things they do for you like making you coffee on Sundays, being there for you when you are sad, offering a good piece of advice whenever you feel indecisive… Maybe they have the prettiest smile you’ve ever seen, maybe it’s how they look at you and maybe it’s all that plus much more. They deserve to know and remember that so make a scrapbook that contains pictures of your special moments, lyrics, your own words…

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