7 Ideas for an Anniversary ...

Anniversariesare a special time of the year when couples celebrate their marriage. Some people might decide to renew their vows or buy each other a loving card. I’ve listed 7 ideas for an Anniversary celebration that either came to mind as I was writing or that my husband and I have actually done. The simple joy of being together for another year is a fantastic gift for many couples, but it’s always fun to have some type of festivity as well!

7. Go Shopping Together

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For many couples, it’s hard to get together to go shopping. Busy schedules tend to keep most couples doing their own thing during the day and then spending some time together in the evening. Sometimes it’s fun to take the day off and go shopping together. You don’t even have to buy anything. Window-shopping is loads of fun, when you have someone to ooh and ahh with over items that you’d love to have for the house. My husband and I ended up in the light fixture section at a major building supply store one year. We knew we couldn’t afford to buy anything new, but it was still fun to look at everything and visualize different ideas for what we could do to the house some day.

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