7 Hottest Old Time Movie Stars ...

When I was a teenager, I had a scrapbook I put together, along with my best friend’s help. It overflowed with photos of my favorite movie stars. Most were men or other teen movie stars. There were a few female actresses I adored as well. I wanted my hair to look just like theirs and I dreamed about being as beautiful as them! Here is my list of movie stars you may have forgotten about, but they sure were handsome to a starry- eyed dreamer way back in the early 80’s!

1. Richard Chamberlain

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Photo Credit: Epiclectic

I met Chamberlain when I was 16. He was on location, filming in Old Tucson, Arizona. I watched from the sidelines while he filmed, taking plenty of pictures. At lunch break, I stood off to the side whispering with my best friend. All of a sudden, he looked up and motioned me over to his table. I swooned! He gave me a hug and signed a picture I had of him. I’ll never forget that day!

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