7 Hottest Hair Trends This Fall ...

My hair is a never-ending source of frustration: dull, lifeless, thin, baby fine – with just the right amount of kink and cowlicks to disturb any manner of which I attempt to style it. And then, there are the “blondes” peeking through… don’t even get me started. For a decade, I bleached, darkened, and then lightened again with bold, funky highlights and extreme shades of color. I once even chopped it all off into a faux-hawk, and then grew it out naturally for nearly three years (only to go sassy red last year). I tried bangs of all directions: side-swept, blunt, choppy, car crash (yikes!) – my forehead doesn’t like any of these. Obviously, most days I struggle, give up, and just wear a ponytail (good thing it’s a current trend).

So, when its time for my bi-annual visit to the salon – and partially out of boredom – I am all about being drastic with my hairstyles. Mostly because it is so unhealthy or grown out haphazardly. All that unnecessarily said… I’m constantly looking for new hair trends. The seven hottest for this fall are something of a retro revival.

1. Super-high Ponytails

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Totally chic for both office to playtime. You will need significant length in order to make this look work. By merely teasing the (preferably, unwashed) hair at your crown: an instant ponytail is done with gorgeous height (without all that pesky time spent shampooing, conditioning, rinsing and repeating…).

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