7 Historical Places to Take Your Kids ...

Lately, my observation of the average family has led me to a startling discovery - children are not being fed the knowledge of our nations history like they used to. Many families choose to go to places like Disney World or Holiday World. While I have no problem with either of those places or the fun that they offer, I believe that it is especially important to vacation to places of historical value - places that are a memory of vital parts of our Nation's rich history. Here are a few places that I think would make excellent places to vacation with your kids!

1. Trail of Tears

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Photo Credit: Mrs. Kpax

The Trail of Tears is a reminder of the heartless removal of the Cherokee Indian tribe from their lands in the Southeaster part of The United States to a reservation. Nearly 4,000 of the 15,000 Indians died during this treck across the wilderness. This trip would be better suited for older children, helping them to understand the pain and suffering that made our country what it is today.

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