7 Healthy, Great-tasting Alternatives to Soda Pops ...

Who doesn’t like sodas!? They are tasty, sweet, bubbly… add a bag of chips and a great movie to that equation and there’s my definition of a perfectly spent evening indoors. But, you know how they say – all the good stuff are either full of calories or against the law and soda pops are no exception. However, I’ve found some pretty cool recipes for healthy, tasty beverages that could help us all lay off soda and finally get rid of those last, stubborn 5 pounds. So, these are the 7 recipes I use and like the most, hope you will like them too.

1. Green Tea

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Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

First up – a healthy, calorie free drink to help you warm up and stay fit this winter! I prefer cold drinks so my choice would be the DIY green ice-tea with just a little bit of honey and a few mint leaves. It tastes much better than those bland ice teas from the supermarket, plus it has no artificial aromas or hidden sugars. Want more good news? Green tea actually helps you lose weight and detoxify so you are not just cutting down on soda pops and calories, you are investing in your health, cleaning your body and doing something to reduce cholesterol levels!

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