7 Halloween-inspired Cocktails ...

Drink up, party people! I’ve made some fabulous (and tasty) Halloween-inspired cocktails and potent punches for this Monster Mash. Eerie, spooky, gross (to look at) or fruity – while sweet and colorful enough for your kids, these liquid treats are for adults only.

Costumes are not required. Unless that IS your costume. *shudder*

Come along and get liquored up with these seven blood-curling beverages. IF YOU DARE (insert evil laugh here). Cheers!

1. Ghoul-Aid Punch

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Find the recipe at: myrecipes.com
Does RIP mean “Refreshingly Imbibing Punch”? Because this Halloween drink fits its epitaph. I think after a couple pours of this drink, you may very well be resting in peace. On the bathroom floor.

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