7 Great Toothpastes for a Whiter Smile ...

It seems like everything I love to eat and drink makes my teeth less than pearly white. Chocolate, tea, coffee, soda… I love them all, so to keep my teeth looking their best, and stain-free, I use a whitening toothpaste. But there are so many! How will you know which is best for you? Here’s a list I’ve put together of 7 great toothpastes for a whiter smile. I’ve tried these all, and they’re all fantastic!

1. Tom's of Maine Natural Antiplaque Tartar Control plus Whitening Toothpaste

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Price: $4.99 at drugstore.com
For 40 years, Tom’s of Maine has been providing all-natural toothpastes and other health and beauty care items, and this toothpaste combines all of the knowledge and expertise they’ve collected with silica for tooth whitening. This toothpaste is fluoride-free, just so you know.

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