7 Great Tips from My Personal Trainer ...

I’ve always been in pretty good shape, and was taught at a young age how to eat well, but I still feel like I’ve learned a lot from my personal trainer, Ken. He’s brilliant, and so helpful and well-informed, I thought I’d share some of what he’s taught me. Here are 7 great tips from my personal trainer.

1. Eat Well

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Photo Credit: Mike Dykstra

Ken has told me that whether you’re trying to maintain your weight, lose weight, or gain weight, it’s always important to eat well. Never skip meals, especially breakfast, especially If you’re working out that day. Ken recommends eating five small, healthful meals each day, balancing your food groups, including protein and carbs, both of which are vitally important. That’s right — carbs are completely necessary, so you absolutely cannot skip them altogether!

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