7 Great Summer Beers ...

Summer’s here, and that means cook-outs and bonfires and parties, all with great friends, family, food and drink! And if you’re like me, “drinks” sometimes means “beer” … summer beers! If you’re throwing or attending a summer party, then you need to make sure you have a great summer beer. Not sure what to buy? Here’s my list of 7 great summer beers, all tried-and-true favorites!

1. Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale

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This is one of my favorite summer beers, sweet and light and so tasty! Add a slice of orange for extra sweetness and flavor. You’ll love the hint of honey and the fruitiness. This is a true small-batch ale, only available May through August, so enjoy it while you can! If you miss the Honey Moon, then try the Blue Moon, which is a basic Belgian white.

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