7 Great Halloween Crafts for Kids ...

While Iโ€™m definitely a fan of handing out candy at Halloween, sometimes Iโ€™ll add a little something extra to my trick-or-treat bowl, so long after the sugar buzz has worn off, those sweet little princesses and darling little pirates will have something fun to do to celebrate the holiday. I love adding a little craft kit to their trick-or-treat bags, and Oriental Trading Company offers dozens of fantastic Halloween craft kits, all individually packaged and ready to hand out! Here are my picks for 7 great Halloween craft kits for kids. Theyโ€™re great for Halloween play-dates and parties, too!

1. Candy Corn Magnet Craft Kit

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Price: $3.99 for 12 at orientaltrading.com
This little guy is great for younger kids who just canโ€™t handle the complex or more detailed crafts. Itโ€™s only meant for kids who are aged 3 and up, though, since it does have small pieces that pose a choking hazard, but for kids who are a bit older than that, itโ€™s perfect!

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