7 Great Gifts for Hunters ...

As a girl who has spent much of her adult life in Michigan, I have to tell you: most of the men I know are now, or have been at some point, hunters. As in, dress in camouflage, sit in the pre-dawn cold for hours, and shoot and kill Bambi. For the record, Bambi is delicious. Knowing so many hunters, this time of year is a frenzy of last-minute preparation for the beginning of hunting season, so I’m always scouting for gifts for the hunters in my life. If you’re about to be a hunting widow, I feel your pain, and suggest you go shopping strictly for the retail therapy. Here are 7 great gifts for the hunter in your life…

1. Garmin® Etrex Legend HCx GPS Bundle

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Price: $169.99 at cabelas.com
As you know, men have a very difficult time admitting when they’re lost, and no matter how bad their sense of direction, they’re not about to admit it, especially around their hunting buddies. Save your hunter the humiliation by giving him this ultra-awesome GPS bundle by industry-leader Garmin.

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