7. FarmVille Gaming Gift Card

FarmVille Gaming Gift Card

Price: $10 at target.com

I’m not the only one in my family addicted to FarmVille — my daughter loves the game, too. And since it’s all innocent fun, with nothing violent, suggestive, or remotely objectionable, I let her play.

This gift card would make a great gift for any child who loves the game, since it will allow them to purchase rare and exotic animals, trees, and decorations… maybe even that little pink pony or hot rod tractor they’ve always wanted!

With so many great gift cards, and so many kids on your holiday and birthday party lists, the only real limit is your budget! Any one of these cards is almost guaranteed to provide hours and entertainment and anticipation, long before it’s even spent! Which of these gift cards do you think your kids (or grand-kids) would like the best, and why? Or is there another one that always wows them?

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