7 Great Cat Toys ...

If you have a cat, you already know how insanely they love some of their toys. They leap in the air, flip around on the floor, and hunt them, complete with cute butt wiggles. If you’ve never seen your kitty do any of these things, maybe you’re not using the right toys! A bored kitty won’t do any of these, and it’s just too adorable to miss… so here are 7 great cat toys, sure to make even the most arrogant kitty go bananas!

1. Bergan TurboScratcher Cat Toy

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Price: $8.99 to $15.99 at petsmart.com
Kitty will love this toy, with its scratchy surface (perfect for softening and sharpening her claws) and its little track and ball. It also includes catnip, for added kitty love. It measure 16 inches across, and only 2 inches tall, so it’s easy to store when kitty’s not using it.

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