7 Great Acts of Kindness You Can Copy ...

It is the time of year when random acts of kindness are actually anticipated. I have seen some unbelievable portrayals of generosity, but sometimes all you need is a hug. Here are a few little things you can do…

1. Pay a Fee for Someone

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Have you eve paid a fee for someone behind you in line? It is fun to watch someone’s face light up with a smile when they find their admittance or fare, or ticket has been paid. Once, my family went out to eat and when the waitress brought our ticket she said it had been paid in full. Wow!

2. Return a Lost Item

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Losing items are never at the top of my happy list, but finding a lost item sure puts a smile on my face! It is surprising when someone presents you with a lost item, especially when a stranger returns something like a lost purse, with all the contents still inside. Now that is frown breaker!

3. Visit Someone in Need

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Yes, this may be a something you find hard to do, but it is such a rewarding experience. Pick a random stranger from the local hospital or children’s ward, and visit them. It is nice to visit someone in long-term care. Simply drop by and leave a get-well card. Tell them you hope they get to go home soon, smile, leave the card, and you are done.

4. Take a Gift

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While shopping you may find an amazing deal on puzzle books, clearance toys, or other gift items. Buy two of them and give them to the local shelter or nursing home. Although this may seem like such a small thing to you, the one who receives the gift will enjoy your token of kindness and in the end, you will be the one to receive the blessing.

5. Buy Someone a Cup of Coffee

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You know the greeters at Wal-Mart? What a smile you will put on their face when you hand them a cup of coffee! One year, my daughter and I bought hot chocolate and a donut for the greeters at the grocery store. Boy! They loved it and so did we!

6. Visit a Dog Kennel

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Dogs and cats, and other pets and animals, are often left at kennels for week at a time. Most of the kennels around where I live are always full. I am sure they would appreciate a helping hand. Volunteer for an hour or two each week, or month, and help take care of the animals. You can water them, hand out food, brush their coats, or just pet a few of the lonely puppies.

7. Babysit for Your Neighbor

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Do you know a young mother who lives close by? It would be a true surprise and a sure smile pleaser if you asked her to take the afternoon off while you watched her kids. Any mother would enjoy a couple of hours to spend on her self. She could spend the time at home, or she may choose to go out and have her nails painted. Whatever she decides, she will enjoy her few moments alone!

Sometimes, you do not have to offer much for a smile to sweep across the lips of someone in need. You never know what that one small gesture of β€œniceness” will do for the one who needed it. How do you bring smiles to those around you?

Top Photo Credit: Sherrie St. Hilaire

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