7 Gorgeous Ways to Wear Eye Shadow ...

With rushed schedules early in the morning, it can be easy to fall into a rut and wear your shadow the same way every day. Here’s seven of the easiest, quickest ways to mix it up with a whole new look! Here are 7 gorgeous ways to wear eye shadow...

1. Use Shadow as a Liner

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This is my favorite way to wear eye shadow. Apply your liner, then take a small, pointed brush, wet it, and then using the shadow of your choice, brush it right on top of the liner. It works best if you use a bright or dark color and put it only on the top and on the lower corners. The best eye shadow I’ve found for using this technique is L’Oreal HIP eye shadows. Experiment using bright shades; this is the one way you can pull off wearing lime green or fuchsia eye shadow!

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