7 Gorgeous Wall Mirrors ...

A strategically-placed wall mirror can add brightness and depth to any room, as well as compliment the décor… and give you a place to apply your lip gloss. There are so many styles to choose from, too, from stark utilitarian to rich rococo. I’ve been looking for a new one for my foyer, and have found so many ones I’d love to have. Here are 7 gorgeous wall mirrors, in every size, shape and style imaginable.

1. Tulip Tree Mirror

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Price: $348 at anthropologie.com
Look at that beautiful, eco-friendly you! This mirror by Stray Dog Designs is made of recycled cement bags, covered in papier-mâché, and painted with low-VOC paint. But you’d never know its humble industrial beginnings, for it’s simply gorgeous, organically-inspired and ideal for hanging in your foyer or bathroom. It’s circular in shape, and measures 24” across.

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