7 Gorgeous Duvets from Urban Outfitters ...

If you want to update your bedroom and give it a new look without spending a fortune, try using a new duvet cover! They’re easy to swap out, and are usually pretty inexpensive. They have some gorgeous ones at Urban Outfitters, too, all of them ideal for making your room look fresh and new without breaking your budget. Here are 8 pretty duvet covers from Urban Outfitters.

1. Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover

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Price: $128.00 to $148.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
Finally, a fancy frilly duvet cover that’s machine washable and comes in a color I like! This duvet is made of cotton voile and you can choose from white, grey, pale pink, or (my favorite) lush purple. It comes in two sizes, too: full/queen (86” x 86”) or twin/XL twin (90” x 66”). There’s also a matching pillow sham, sold separately. How feminine!

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