7 Gorgeous Blushes ...

I confess - I love to play with makeup! I have more makeup than should ever be legal for one girl to own. If anyone ever asks me what my favorite makeup item is, I answer without hesitation, "Blush!" Most women underestimate the power of blush to liven up their face and add some color. It's all in the application. Once you get your technique down, it's all downhill from there! Here's my list of 7 goregeous blushes for you to play around with!

1. NARS Blush

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Price: $26.00 at amazon.com
This blush is my number one, all time favorite! The color is called Orgasm, and it's so beautiful on your skin. It's a peachy pink with gold flecks throughout it, and it's quite expensive for a blush, but it lasts a very long time and I would encourage you to fork it out just this once. It's worth it!

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