7 Game Plans for Tackling Black Friday Next Year …

This is the first year I planned to tackle Black Friday, and it occurred to me how important it would be to put together a game plan. Because this is the biggest shopping day of the year, I thought I’d share it with all of you, because even if you don’t get to it this year, this is an annual, retail trainwreck! I hope these 7 game plans for tackling Black Friday are helpful!

1. Make a List

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You need to go into this sale knowing exactly what you need. Not only that, but you need to stick to it. If you plan to get a new DVD player, gaming system, computer, or TV, head straight for electronics and don’t be distracted. If you see something you like on the way, either grab it fast or give it up and come back for it later – otherwise you might waste time and lose out on the items you really want.

2. Double Check Your Deals

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Impulse buys happen. There are things you need to think about before you indulge, though. To begin with, are you sure you’re going to use the item? And, are you sure you’re actually getting a good deal on it? Don’t ever think that stores won’t take advantage of Black Friday by trying to slip one over on customers. Some things “on sale” are still priced higher than they’re worth.

3. Comparison Shop

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You might not have time to comparison shop on Black Friday itself, but as we all know, stores start advertising their deals well beforehand. You can use that information to comparison shop online before the big sale. That way, you can see which stores offer the best deals as well, and that can help you save even more money.

4. Watch out for Rebates

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Those items where you only save if you send in the rebate can really bite you in the butt. Some people never even send in their rebates, so they lose out on those savings. If you have to buy something with a rebate, make sure it is already priced to sale, so you get a deal either way.

5. Savings in Numbers

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There is safety in numbers and you can save in numbers. Don’t go to a Black Friday sale by yourself. In the first place, if you get trampled by a crazy crowd, you need someone to help you. In the second place, two sets of eyes are better than one and your buddy may see your items before you do. And in the third place, you need someone to talk you out of those impulse buys!

6. Go with Cash

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During the best of times, when you use cash instead of a credit card, you save money. After all, you are only spending the money you have on you. This keeps you from over spending, which is actually even more important during a sale.

7. Hold off

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Some shoppers force themselves to buy on Black Friday. They’re sure that they’ll have to wait another year for those kinds of deals to come around again. This is not at all true, however. There are plenty of yearly sales that offer deals rivaling those on Black Friday.

I hope I make it back from this. I’m not going out alone, I have a friend, and I’m taking cash. Are there any other shoppers braving Black Friday? What’s your game plan?

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