7 Funky Dresses by Burlapp ...

Whether it’s the chilly, forbidding depths of winter or the hottest summer day, I adore wearing dresses. They’re so easy to accessorize, and can make even the biggest tomboy feel feminine and girlie. I’ve been searching out new dresses to add to my closet, and have found so many cute ones by Burlapp. They’re fun and funky, and I can’t wait to buy one (or two) of them! Here are 7 funky dresses by Burlapp.

1. Launch Plaid Dress

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Price: $81.00 at modcloth.com
While I don’t normally like the look of silk, because it’s usually so formal, this dress is a whole different story. Sure, it’s made of silk, but it’s a mad plaid in rich shades of brown, blue, and yellow, perfect for wearing with a wooden or leather bracelet and your favorite straw-heeled wedges.

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