7 Fun Things You Can do on a Tight Budget ...

Making funds spread as far as possible is something I learned as a child. My parents made do with what they had and my siblings and I had a wonderful childhood. There was never a dull moment and we didn’t have to go without the important things in life. Creating something out of nothing was my mom’s specialty, which I’ve tried to pass on to my kids as well. 7 fun things you can do on a tight budget are listed below. I hope you find something that suits your budget and your desire for fun!

7. Visit the Farmer’s Market

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Photo Credit: Martin LaBar

If there isn’t one right in your town, then this type of excursion could involve a short car ride. There is a small one each week here in my town and a huge one a few towns away that happens once a month. These markets only go on during the warm weather, since that’s when all the fruits and veggies come into season and the animals start having babies. Going to the farmer’s market doesn’t mean you have to buy anything. They are amazing places to see homemade products, pet a variety of animals, and chat with interesting people. Farmers are always willing to talk about what they have for sale.

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