Fun Nude at Home Activities to Bring out Your Adventurous Side ...

Here are 6 fun things to do whilst nude at home. Some of these suggestions may seem fairly obvious but others are a bit more inventive. Whatever the case may be, try something new and see how you feel about it. Maybe you've just found your new favorite home alone activity.

1. Swimming

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Swimming will only be enjoyable naked if you like swimming in general-and preferably have a pool otherwise this might get awkward REALLLL quick. The added bonuses are you have not got to worry about trying to keep your bikini or swimming trunks on and you will not suffer from your bathing suit becoming too tight. In my opinion, swimming naked in a swimming pool is probably not as pleasant as in the sea but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

2. Dance

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Dancing seems like a cliche nude at home activity but it's fully understandable why! It's meant to be fun and enjoyable without the restrictions of clothes holding you back from busting out your best moves. You can dance this way by yourself or with your partner if that's what you're in to, but whatever the situation, try this next time you're naked at home.

3. Sex

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This is not a very original idea but sex is a very fun thing to do whilst naked. Without going into to much detail because it is fairly explanatory, there are numerous different positions and ideas that you can try out to make it more enjoyable. And I don't just mean sex with your partner either-try some solo sex completely naked and see how freeing it could be!

4. Play Twister

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Now naked twister is more something that you would play with just your partner as it can probably become a bit uncomfortable with friends, but maybe y'all are into that sort of thing-I'm not here to judge. The idea of this game is the same as the original but I'm sure falling and losing might be a bit strange if it's not on your partner.

5. Pose for Artists

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There are many artists that are constantly searching for models to pose for them naked. It can be difficult for them to find people that feel comfortable to do this so if you are one that does not easily blush at being naked then you may want to give this a go. In my opinion it is also a good way to earn a little extra cash. Although you do have to remain perfectly still throughout the drawing session, it might be worth the add on your bucket list.

There you have it; fun things to do nude at home. You may not like all of the ideas but hopefully you will remain open-minded enough to try at least some of them. What have you done while naked? What would you like to try? This list is small so there's always room for a few of your ideas!

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