7 Foods That Make You Happy ...

I find that there are many foods that make me happy, depending on the mood I'm in, what type of day I've had, or even the season of the year. 7 foods that make you happy, in my opinion, are listed below. Some are chemically proven to boost your spirits, while others make me happy just thinking about them!

7. Chocolate

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Photo Credit: David G-H

This is one of those foods that you just can't go wrong with. I love it at any time of the day, year, and especially when I've had a rough day. I like to get a bag of Mms and eat an entire color at a time. I usually start with the brown ones, since I enjoy looking at the bowl filled with brightly colored candies and the brown seems to dull down the crowd. The blue ones are the last ones I eat, just because blue is my favorite color.

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