7 "Fashion Statements" I Don't Quite Understand ...

A bold fashion statement can be a huge FAIL and that pretty much goes for some of the latest trends too. Well I guess we’re used to celebs making their own rules and people trying to be creative and redefine “trendy”. Right? Unfortunately, there are still some fashion statements I don’t quite understand, no matter how hard I try… For example:

1. Meat Dress

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Image source: tofudiaries.files.wordpress.com

If fashion is a language, Lady Gaga is probably speaking Chinese because I don’t understand a thing she’s been saying lately! Hairy dress, celestial dress and finally a meat dress! What’s next and, moreover, what was she trying to suggest by wearing something that could have been a great dinner for at least 20 of the less fortunate ones?! I totally respect her and she has every right to be different and all but this was definitely too much.

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