7 Facts on Lady Gaga's Meat Dress ...

Lady Gaga caused quite a stir with her meat dress during the VMAs at the beginning of September. She stated that it had nothing to do with being disrespectful of vegans or vegetarians. There were many interpretations that came from Lady Gaga about her meat dress. In case you are curious about this outfit, here are 7 facts on Lady Gaga’s meat dress for you to read about.

7. 50 Pounds of Meat Were Used

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I can’t imagine lugging around a 50 pound dress all night long. Lady Gaga’s meat dress required 50 pounds of meat to make it, but it ended up weighing closer to 40 pounds since all the meat wasn’t used. I’m sure the chunks of meat wrapped around her feet for shoes weighed quite a bit too. Maybe that is where the extra meat went, along with the chunk used for her brooch-laden purse.

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