7 Fabulous Coffee Tables by Anthropologie ...

Right now, in front of my couch, I have an antique bench serving as a coffee table, and it’s about had it. It’s time for it to move to the mudroom, time for a new coffee table. But I’m delaying because I just can’t choose a replacement… I’ve found so many I love, all from Anthropologie, all of them gorgeous… here are 7 fabulous coffee tables

1. Monarch Coffee Table

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Price: $698.00 at anthropologie.com
At first, I couldn’t figure out why this coffee table was so named — was it for its regal appearance? But a closer look revealed the truth, for the table is named after its butterfly-inspired design, with swooping, curvy legs that attach like wings to each end of the table. It’s rustic and pretty… I love it!

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