7 Fab Leave-in Conditioners ...

Sometimes your hair needs a little more TLC than you get from your daily after-shampoo conditioner. Especially if you have curly hair, or hair that’s color treated… or if it’s winter, your hair’s going to need a little something extra to combat frizz and keep your hair smooth and gorgeous all day! Here are 7 fab leave-in conditioners, all of them designed to keep your hair looking great!

1. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

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Price: $24.00 at aveda.com
This leave-in conditioner, made with quinoa, wheat protein, soy oil, bergamot, mandarin, and ylang ylang smells fresh and clean and is designed to be used every day to help prevent damage from heat styling. So if you’re addicted to your flat-iron or blow dryer, this conditioner was made for you!

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