7 Extremely Cool Clothes I Love from Juicy Couture ...

Ever ready, always up to date, and more choices than you could ever need, Juicy Couture has stores all over the world. If you do not live close to an actual store, their website is the place to shop. Here are my favorite, ultimately cool, adorable, best-loved choices from Juicy Couture.

1. Brushed Plaid Dress

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Price: $178.00 a juicycouture.com
Talk about cute! This up-to-the-minute sophisticated red flannel dress does double duty. Wear it during the day for a relaxed elegance. Add chunky jewelry and big and bold red handbag for instant style. At night, trade your red purse for sleek, black clutch and slip into a cute pair of black Mary Jane boots and you will be all the rage.

This flirty piece embraces the girl inside all of us. A ruffled collar glides through a rounded neckline. Sleeves stop at a buttoned cuff bunched at your elbow. Simple pleats adorn the skirt while a drop waist falls gracefully at your hips. Comes in Cherry Gloss or Licorice.

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