7. Find Time to Feel Good about Yourself

Every phase you’ve completed is a small victory for you and you should feel good about it. It’s like that chair on each floor of the Empire State Building - you just have to stop and feel good for sitting on it because running past it means you’ll get tired and maybe even give up before you get to the next chair.

Don’t deny yourself that wonderful feeling of knowing that you’re on the right path but don’t let yourself be absorbed by those moments to such a degree where you would just find anything to feel proud about. Enjoying that moment is a prize, the one you’ll get only after you’ve accomplished the previously set short-term goals.

Are you ready to start changing your life for better and what kind of changes would you like to make? I’d say these tricks are very applicable, regardless of the goals you wish to achieve. A famous economist once pointed out that everything is economy so, if that’s really the case, there is no reason why these strategies couldn’t be a good way to manage something bigger and more important than Microsoft or Apple – our own lives!

Top Photo Credit: floodllama

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