7 Deodorants I Love ...

Finding a good deodorant can be surprisingly difficult. Every woman is different, so there's no way to say with absolute certainty, “Oh hey, this deodorant will totally work for you.” It might now. All the same, here are 7 deodorants I personally love, some of them highly affordable and some of them not so much, but you might find something you want to try!

1. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

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Price: $7.59 at target.com
Strong enough for a man; pH balanced for a woman. That's the tag line for a reason, you know. This is one of my three main go-to deodorants, the kind that will work every day no matter what. It's one of my favorites, especially during times when I feel like I am sweating more. You know how that goes; sometimes clinical strength deodorants are the only ones that make me feel fresh.

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