7 Denim Related Fashion Faux Pas ...

Denim is a staple. I mean, everyone has their favorite pair of jeans, the ones they can wear and look good no matter how they feel. I have something like ten pairs of jeans myself. They're my favorite pants to wear. No matter how classic denim is, however, there are just some things you need to avoid like the plague – and you can start out with the 7 denim related fashion faux pas listed here.

1. Mom Jeans

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I know that β€œmom jeans” can be comfortable, but you have to admit that they aren't the most flattering pants in the world. And while you might feel like they're holding in your tummy and making you look slimmer, they can actually make you look larger than you really are. You might live in mortal fear of a muffin top, but I can tell you, as a girl, that I've seen muffin tops on other women and you know what? They still looked sexy.

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