7 Delicious Ways to Get Your Green Tea ...

From weight loss to certain types of cancer prevention to reducing the risk of heart disease, there is no denying the nutritional benefits to consuming Green Tea. However, experts say that in order to receive the benefits of green tea, one would need to drink an average of **3-6 cups every day…that’s a lot of green tea! **I have put together a list of other products that contain green tea; and while they may not be as healthy as drinking actual green tea, they sure are more fun!
# 1: Alcohol
Straight up, shaken or stirred…with Zen Green Tea liqueur, we can take the phrase “drink to your health” quite literally!

2. : Chocolate

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This childhood favorite gets a green tea flavor boost. Wondering where to get it? A trip to **Chocolate World **in Hershey, PA is all it takes.

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