7 Cutest Rain Boots for Un-cute Weather Days ...

It’s raining, it’s pouring – yet you still have to get up and walk the city today. Your style and outfit matters, in spite of the inclement weather (and the time slaving away in your closet deciding WHAT WILL I WEAR?!). When you leave the house – with the clouds holding anything resembling water – keep up in appearance by investing in a trendy pair of wellies, rubbers, galoshes, rain boots… top siders – whatever you call them on your side of the pond – for those days you feel like you actually live in London.

1. Sperry Sausalito

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Price: $39.99 at streetmoda.com
Who says rain boots need to be boring – or FLAT? These boots from Sperry scream, “I’m not afraid of you, rain!” while providing a friendly height. Cheered up yet? Now, let’s get do some puddle stomping with style.

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