7 Cute Shoes for Teenagers ...

What is it about shoes that seem to addict us girls? From the time we are two years old tripping around in our mommie's high heels, up through high school finding the perfect pair of sparkly heels for prom, or trying to find the perfect balance between comfort and fashion for the office, shoes are an inevitable part of our life! Being a teen myself, I know how important fashion is and I have an extensive shoe collection that is growing bigger and bigger! Here's my list of top seven cute shoes for teenagers!

1. Polkadot Ballet Flats

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Price: $14.29 at amazon.com
If you have a love for all things retro, these are the shoes for you! Peep toe, with a cute little bow makes these shoes undeniably adorable! I have a pair of these myself, which I love. The black and white colors make these flats very versatile.

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