7 Cute Accessories for Brunettes ...

Some of you on a previous blog pertaining to cute accessories for blondes requested that I do one on brunettes and here it is! No hair color is my favorite. I think that it all depends on the person who has it. If it matches your complexion and looks good on you, then that’s perfect. However, if it looks like a wig, does not match your complexion, then you need to find a color that does! Lately, I have been putting streaks in my hair, like blue, green, pink and purple. Below, I am going to show you 7 cute accessories for brunettes …

7. Flower Snap on Clip

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Price: $3.99 at tillys.com
I think this would look great in dark hair. The dark hair would really make the white flower stand out. It’s a pretty white plumeria that snaps right into your hair. Plus, the price is great.

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