7 Customers to Avoid at Babies R' Us ...

For the longest several months of my life, I worked in retail. I worked in retail at Babies R’ Us. I worked as a cashier in a very purple shirt. I learned a lot about people that I wish that I had not. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, screaming “It’s expired, the coupon’s expired!” to a chorus of screaming children and their angry mothers. The names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the stories are real: here are 7 customers to avoid at Babies R’ Us.

1. Angry Exchange Couple

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My very first day on the job, I witnessed an episode that qualifies as the most entertaining thing I have ever seen, that I also got paid to watch. Couple comes into the store. Couple peruses and chooses among the offered breast pumps. Couple then start arguing with cashier about why they cannot bring the item back after it has been used. “What if it’s broken when we get it home?” They ask. A manager is called to inform them that the protective seal must not be broken in order to return the item. “But how will we know if it’s broken unless we try it?” Couple could not understand why accomplished store would not want a crusty, used breast pump brought back. Couple left without breast pump, yelling all the way. This situation is not so bad with only a single person, but when two present, they are known to egg each other on to unimagined heights of rage.

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