7 Creative, Crazy Present Ideas for the Ones That Have Everything ...

Picking out a nice present for our loved ones always turn out into a mind game. What do get? How to turn it into a nice surprise? What if somebody else buys that too? Yup, the questions keep piling and, in case your loved one is a person that just has every little trinket and gadget out there…well… the list of questions and things to stress about becomes even longer. Now, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately, so here are some gift suggestions that are creative, unusual and bound to get even the ones that have everything smiling.

1. A Box Full of Nothing

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Take a big box, fill it up with colorful shredded papers, place a smaller box inside, fill it up with the same papers and keep doing that until you manage to squeeze in at least 4-5 boxes of different sizes. The last and the smallest box should be the hardest one to get to and should contain… well… NOTHING! The person receiving the gift will first be surprised, then slightly confused, embarrassed and maybe even a little bit mad… but if couple this with a small token of love and a line, “I’ve tried, I’ve really tried but my love for you just won’t fit in the box!”, all those feelings will soon be replaced with a happy grin.

2. “Me Time” Coupons

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My fiancé enjoys massages but I’m often too tired for that. I’m not very strong and I need to squeeze and press very hard for him to feel anything, which, of course, means that my hands start hurting and I get tired after 5 minutes. My sister, in the other hand, can make some really mean hairstyles but she’s never around or always too busy whenever I need a hairstyle. Sounds familiar? If your loved ones have more than enough of material things, give them something you know they want but never get enough of – time spent with you. Make a set of coupons they could just whip out whenever they want and be prepared to do what they want you to do – give them a massage, a back scratch, a makeover or just your undivided attention and company.

3. Adventure

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A balloon ride or skydiving - if money is not an issue, you can surprise your loved one with an adventure of a lifetime! A friend of mine actually got a surprise trip to Rome as a birthday present. Now, how cool is that? I sure wish I could both give and receive a nice surprise like this one but, if the bills and taxes keep piling at this rate in this new year too, coughing out a sum needed to make a surprise like this one will be a mission impossible for me.

4. An Exotic Pet

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I almost got a pet snake but my fiancé said that, in case that happens, both me and the snake will have to sleep in the garage. My mom actually agreed with him so, with nobody willing to house my future reptile, I had no other option but to tell the gift giver that the snake might not be such a good idea after all. You don’t have to go that far and opt for snakes or spiders because there are many different and, I have to add, less gross, exotic pets available. Like squirrels, chinchillas or even a cut neon creature that lives in the fish tank and looks like a fish but has legs and arms!

5. Shoes

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Nobody ever remembers to buy a girl a pair of shoes! They will buy a bag, a cute top, makeup and even a whole dress but shoes… never! Now, I guess that’s because most people worry they won’t get the right size but, if you know a person well and, especially if she is a shoe freak like me, no pair of shoes is ever an unnecessary one. She will definitely use them and, what do you know, your gift may even inspire her to try out some new colors and styles she wouldn’t have thought of if she didn’t have the pair of shoes YOU picked out for her.

6. Instant Lottery Scratch Cards

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When I’m about to go attend a birthday party of a person who just has everything, I often think something like, “Oh, great, now if I could only zap in a car with a huge bow or a Trip to Hawaii gift certificate!” Well, unfortunately, I’m too much of a non-celebrity to afford giving a gift like this one and I’m sure you are too. But, why not spend all your present money on those instant lottery scratch cards? You could probably get about 10-15 of them, maybe even more! Wrap them up nicely and voila! Your present is ready and, if the birthday boy or birthday girl is lucky enough, one of these cards may be that huge present you’ve been wishing you could afford to buy.

7. Personalized Clothes

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My sis actually bought a set on undies and had a picture of Wentworth Miller printed on them. Her best friend, of course, loved it and this set that consisted of a plain white top and panties soon became her favorite sleeping outfit. She often jokes about it and says my sis gave her something nobody ever could – a chance to sleep with a popular celebrity hottie ever night! But, listen, here comes the best part – you can actually make these things on your own! Use your favorite computer program to design the image you want and then rush to the shop that sells computer supplies and buy a special foil to print the picture on using your regular printer. This foil acts like a sticker so all you have to do is press it onto the garment you want to personalize and run a hot iron over it.

What do you think about these ideas? Would you use anyone of them or, did you actually happen to think of some and make them happen before? How do you solve the “person that has everything” problems? Do you just go out and buy anything you like regardless of if the person already has this, or you insist on finding a product that is different, unusual and unique?

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