7 Coolest Denim Shirts ...

Denim shirts are a huge trend, and it’s not hard to see why! They can transform an okay outfit into a high fashion, look great and are super flattering too. I love dressing mine up and down! Celebrities are filling the fashion pages in these gorgeous shirts right now, and I’ve been searching for the seven coolest denim shirts...

1. Acne Oversized Denim Shirt

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Price: $180 at asos.com
This super cute Acne shirt mixes masculine styling and denim with the oversized trend, creating this gorgeous and oh-so-versatile shirt. I love the faded effect! It’s long enough to team with leggings and heels as a mini dress, or to wear open over a plain mini, or to wear with shorts or over leggings... any way you can think of! I love it.

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