7 Cool Things You Need to Own ...

Every now and then, something comes along that is just so cool you will do what it takes to get your hands on and make it your own. Cool things you need to own are not like things you see every day or things that every one else owns. They are just things that you’ve got to have. Your friends will say how neat it is and you will just smile and agree. Okay, I will be honest. Not every thing on my list is going to make all your friends just die of jealousy. But I will say this: these 7 cool things you need to own are really, well, cool.

1. Fold up Ballet Shoes

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Price: $7.00 at target.com
I know hat you are thinking already. β€œWhat’s so cool about a pair of shoes?” Right? What I love about these is the fact I can stick them in my backpack or in my purse. They are nice to have around if my flip flop breaks, or I need to leave from school and need a dressier shoe than my tennis shoes. I can simply grab them from my purse, and I am off!

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