7 Cool Futons ...

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment or loft where space was limited, then chances are, you’ve owned a futon. They’ve come a long way from the days of the uncomfortable metal-tube frames with a Spartan cushion. Now they’re comfortable and even stylish! And there’s a futon for every budget, too. Here’s a list of 7 cool futons… in case you’re looking…

1. IKEA Beddinge Lövås

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Price: $249.00 at ikea.com
I have this futon now, and it’s very comfortable, both as a couch and as a full-sized bed. The covers come in a rainbow of colors, and even some prints, and there are lots of throw blankets and pillows you can add to make it look more couch-like, and less futon-like, during the day.

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