7 Common Dreams and What They Could Mean ...

I have to admit that the inspiration for this post came from my recent most favorite movie : Inception. It got me thinking about all things dreams and if they are just little movies that play in your head when you're fast asleep or do they have a deeper meaning and significance in our lives? So I delved a little more into the world of dream interpretation, to look for meanings of common dreams that we all have at some point or the other and here's what I found...

1. Falling/Rotting Teeth

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I have to admit that as far as I consciously remember, I have never had this dream though I may have dreamt of going bald more than once. Not a pretty picture! Teeth represent your physical appearance and also play a very important role in the game of flirting. The hottie at the gym isn't going to be blown away by a set of rotting teeth, is he now? (Yikes!)

What it means: It may mean that you are not completely confident of your physical appearance or that you are afraid of growing old or of rejection from the opposite sex. Since we also use our teeth to bite, tear and chew, their loss could also signify that you feel like you've lost power in a situation or that you can't get your point through to someone, like perhaps a thick-headed co-worker?

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