7 Common Beauty Sins ...

It happens to all of us. Every girl I know is guilty sometimes. A lot of the guys I know are guilty as well. Of what, you ask? Of committing these 7 deadly sins of beauty, of course. I've broken several of the Beauty Commandments and I bet you have too. Let's see if you recognize yourself in any of these!

1. Too Much Tan

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Whether it's self tanner, tanning bed, or straight sunlight, many girls and guys both are guilty of this skin – to the point where their skin carries an orange patina. If you tan in a tanning bed or out in the sun, this is really bad – although neither of those things gives you orange skin. So, since self tanners, spray tans, and things like that, are much healthier for your skin, just try to go easy and don't layer on too much!

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