7 Colors and How They Affect Our Moods ...

Believe it or not, colors can play a significant role in the way we feel. Just think of it, why do we all feel depressed on gray, rainy days and energized and happy on sunny ones? The colors you decide to use in your living room, bed room or office can also play a big role the way you feel and think so, next time you decide to redecorate your living space, have these tips in mind:

1. Black is Sexy but Evil Too

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Black soaks in all other colors, for some, this color symbolizes bad luck, so, if you think painting your walls black would be a cool thing, I doubt you’ll ever find a paint shop that produces it. Black is also a sexy, mystic, elegant color, so you might want to opt for wallpapers with a nice black and white print. I like dark colors and believe bedroom would be an ideal place for a daring color like this, however, since black is also associated with many negative feelings like anger, sadness, remorse, unhappiness, I’d think twice before plastering my living room with wallpapers in this color.

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