7 Cities You Must Visit in the U.S ...

It’s easy to get lost in a tourist trap. And oftentimes, I find myself feeling underwhelmed by certain vacations. Much of what I see is over-rated and comes with a “seen and be seen” attitude, which is wholly unappealing. Or breaks my budget.

Here is my list of seven cities you MUST visit in the U.S.:

1. Portland, Oregon

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Don’t believe what people may tell you about the rain in Oregon. The state might have some harsh climatic and seasonal changes, but sunny days do exist. Most of the locals have adjusted, and as a visitor to Portland you shouldn’t let a little mist dissuade you from a flurry of outdoor activities. There is an omnipresent wine and microbrew scene here to take in, as well as plentiful options to hike, camp and kayak. And when it does rain, wear a raincoat rather than using an umbrella… and continue on.

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