7 Celebrity Horror Outfits ...

What did you think, that you are the only one suffering from the effects of economic crisis? You are sadly mistaken because, in these hard times, even celebs have to figure out a savings strategy. Some prefer to save by completely eliminating the personal stylist and all associated fees and expenses, some decide to consult a stylist only when it proves to be absolutely necessary, while some never had one to begin with. And I bring you the list of celebs that could definitely use a donation:

1. Lady Gaga

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Photo Credit: nellyfus

Being Lady Gaga is probably fun but is it environment-friendly? I seriously doubt that because, if it takes 500 years for one regular plastic bag to dissolve, imagine how long it would take for this Gaga β€œoutfit” to go back into the earth. I am dying to see her closet though because, somehow, I don’t believe her outfits could be folded and tucked away until the next use.

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