7 Celebrity Couples Who Should Get Married Already ...

It's nobody's business when a celebrity gets married to a long term or short term partner, or if they believe in marriage, or if they're even interested in it. But beneath my cynical exterior beats the heart of a secret romantic, and I have to tell you, there are some folks I would just love to see marriage – yes, purely to satisfy me, and yes, I know that won't happen, but yes, I hope for it anyway. I can't help but think these celebrity couples should get married already!

1. Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga

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Image source: thefablife.com

When I first heard that the beautiful, talented, drop dead phenomenal Jennifer Hudson was dating David Otunga, better known as Punk from I Love New York, I was like, “...” I didn't even know what to say – but they actually make a very cute couple, they have an adorable baby and the cutest dogs ever, and after all the heartbreaking tragedy she's gone through, I would love to see Jennifer have the same kind of happily ever after enjoyed by her character Louise from St. Louis in Sex and the City the movie.

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