7 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Their Single Status ...

I just canโ€™t escape the feeling that some people are willing to settle for less just to avoid being single. Why? Is being single something like having cooties? I certainly donโ€™t think so! And neither do some of the most gorgeous people in Hollywood! Single status is slowly gaining popularity regardless of the age and occupation. Why? Because you shouldnโ€™t waste your time being with the wrong one when you can have a lot of fun until the right one comes along. And these celebrities certainly use that strategy! Here are 7 celebs who are rocking their single status...

1. Sandra Bullock

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After leaving her cheating husband, Jesse James, Sandra is focusing on her career so weโ€™ll get the chance to see this gorgeous, sweet and talented actress in a lot of up-coming movies. My heart really goes out to Sandra because I can only imagine how she felt when she found out about Jesseโ€™s cheating. But still, she proved how much of a lady she really is. I mean, we get the chance to read about celebrities bashing each other all the time and yet, Sandra chose to not speak bad about her ex even thought she had every reason to. Now thatโ€™s something!

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