7 Celebrities I Wish Would Just Go Away ...

There are a lot of celebs I adore, and I’m always curious to see what they’re wearing and I love hearing what new projects they’re working on. There are a few Hollywood notables, though, that I’ll never like, and I can’t understand why anyone cares what they think, say, or do. I know they’re popular, and it must be for a reason, but I’m just so sick of hearing about them, and most of the time, I wish they would just disappear! Here’s my list of the 7 celebrities I wish would just go away.

1. Kate Gosselin

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Who decided this mean-spirited, ridiculously trashy woman could have her own show? I love her adorable children, but even after the first time I watched the show, I felt so bad for them… they’re going to need so much therapy! Whenever I can’t stand seeing more about Kate, I just Google images of her when she was brunette, fat, and non-famous! Then I feel better.

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